Thibodaux Louisiana Shopping

At home Thibodaux may be small, but you can certainly pay attention to the health of the locals. Rouses Markets and Nicholls State University have teamed up for a new collegiate and theme store in the heart of the city. The new store is located on the corner of South Claiborne Street and South Main Street, just a few blocks from the university.

Although Thibodaux is not a big city, it is called the queen city Lafourche and is mentioned in nationally published songs. The building, covered in cypress trees and clad with metal panels, is located at the corner of South Claiborne Street and South Main Street, just one block from Nicholls State University.

The store offers a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of Thibodaux, Lafourche and the rest of Louisiana's small business community, including online shopping and roadside pickup. They offer flower deliveries locally and can have flowers sent to any place in Lafoursche or home. If you want to welcome a foreign guest to the city, you can get help from the Thibodsaux Chamber of Commerce.

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The new location will have Rouses Markets, but the new store goes a step further: decoration and goods from the Rouses Markets are tailored to the location. There are local pubs where flowers are offered, and this is one of them. It seems like the city centre of Thibodaux is being revived, helped by the shopkeeper's willingness to recommend other shops in the city centre to customers looking for unusual gifts.

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More About Thibodaux

More About Thibodaux